Studio photoshoot: what to expect? A glimpse behind the scenes

Many people are wondering how a photoshoot in the studio work. Is it something for them or only for fashion models? In this post, we will follow Naomi, Anabel and Cindy behind the scenes of their photoshoot.

Before the photo shoot

First of all, Naomi, Anabel and Cindy contacted us to check the availability of the studio. At the agreed time, they arrived at the studio and prepared themselves for the photoshoot: changing the outfit, applying make-up and arranging the hair.


During the photo shoot

Once everybody was ready, Naomi, Anabel and Cindy took a pose in front of a backdrop. That is a colored cloth on the wall to provide an even background color. Our studio is equiped with a white and a black background color to fit with different styles. Rick, our photographer, proposed poses which he knows will fit with the message that they wanted in their photos. Also Naomi, Anabel and Cindy themselves proposed ideas to create unique photos.


In our photoshoots, we often use attributes. For example, a chair to sit on, a scarf to make it more mysterious or an electronic device. You are encouraged to take along attributes to make your photos more personal, such as a baby with his favorite toy.

After the photoshoot

When taking photos, we take much more pictures than what we deliver. So after a photoshoot, Naomi, Anabel and Cindy had to select which photos you like most so that those can be post-prosesed. Post-processing includes cropping the photos, correction of the background, verifying if the colors are good, … . We often apply a little skin correction and retouch, because photos can magnify uneven skin, but we take special attention to keep it natural. We can also adjust colors by making it fully black and white or with a single colored area. Don’t hesitate to ask if a certain effect is possible.

Within one week, Naomi, Anabel and Cindy received the finished photos. If she/they want to, one of the photos can be mounted on a frame, which is really nice for home decoration or even as a present.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you want to have some professional photos of yourself, your family or friends. It is easy and accesible for everyone. And if you are still left with questions, ask them through our contact form.


PS: make up done by Anabel wairimu


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